Saturday, September 18, 2010

Mayoral candidate advocates free public transit

Mayoral candidate unveils platform | London | News | London Free Press: "Cynthia Etheridge, who a distant third in the 2006 race, is running again and has unveiled the main planks of her campaign platform, including several radical ideas.

Calling it a “new vision for our Forest City,” Etheridge pledges the following:
  • An end to debt-servicing, with the city budget using only the funds available to “prevent over-spending and shortfalls that currently plague our system.”
  • Making all London Transit rides totally free. That, she says, will increase ridership and lower single-occupant traffic.
  • A developed and beautified waterfront is an “unrealized gem of London” that she’d like to to make “one of London’s premier attraction.”
  • Improve city relationships with its departments and commissions
  • Institute a four-day work week that would allow “more leisure time (that) promotes friendships and stronger family ties.”"

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