Friday, October 25, 2013

Projet Montreal - call for #freetransit was a big electoral success : "Another key plank that should be highlighted in Projet Montreal’s election platform is the call for free public transportation.  During the municipal election in 2009, in Plateau-Mont-Royal, the local campaign went further than the central campaign wished. Rumours circulated that activists had been told by the Projet Montreal head office not to bring up the demand for free public transportation, although it is in the party program. In Plateau-Mont-Royal, the campaign centred on this demand, even going so far as to distribute fliers shaped like metro passes that advertised it to every home in the borough. The result is undeniable proof that promises that have a real effect on the living conditions of workers are effective. Projet Montreal captured every single borough council seat, every single city council seat, and the borough mayoralty in the Plateau. The major part of the party’s gains in the election came precisely from Plateau-Mont-Royal and their platform of free public transportation. And, all of this has to be put into the context that prior to the election, Projet Montreal only held one seat across the island of Montreal."

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