Friday, March 20, 2009

Stop the electric car

There are worldwide 55 million net new cars every year. What if they were all electric? Would we be better off?

We want to drop tailpipe emissions (more on this later), but the exhaust we're spewing is really only the beginning of the story. We can't see most of the ecological and social impacts of our auto-dependence in our daily lives. And those impacts are so massive that arguing about fuel efficiency standards (especially in terms of gradual increases) fails to acknowledge what we're up against with this crisis. Alex Steffen WorldChanging


  1. Oh, What a mess we have created. I live in a small town in Oregon. It was a fine self sufficient community, now everyone is in their car! They went to bigger towns to do their shopping and now we have nothing here, We have lost the grocery store, pharmacy,2 clothing stores, a bakery, meat market,restaurants, schools and all that is left are people in their cars. Public transpotation is a bus that runs to another town just three times a week. I have spent 33 years watching a wonderful town die.

  2. Read Dave Olsen's Tyee series. He shows how Whidbey Island has had free buses for over 10 years for only 6/10ths of one percent sales tax. Your town can do it too!