Thursday, September 30, 2010

Ottawa Council candidate calls for free transit

...Lili Weemen: We need better public transit services, with weekly transit pass option, light rail along Carling and free public transportation arriving before 7 a.m. and leaving downtown after 6 p.m. everyday. Free shuttle bus downtown eliminating the traffic jam. More buses to run till later at night for evening shift workers to avoid using cars.
...Lili Weemen: I have never owned a car and certainly know the joys and pains of using public transit all my life. We need fewer one way streets in the downtown core with free hop on hop off shuttle bus during the day requiring fewer cars to move around in the city core. Digging tunnels in a city of under one million would certainly increase your taxes.

Monday, September 20, 2010 My Region - Montrealers implored to go car-free all week My Region - Montrealers implored to go car-free all week: "Montreal commuters who are married to their cars are being asked to leave them at home this week, as the city expands its annual car-free campaign from one day to five.
'In Town Without My Car All Week Long' is the new name for the eighth annual campaign organized by the Metropolitan Transport Agency.

Transit officials hope the expanded campaign will encourage more people to take a cleaner form of transportation to work or school for several days, not just one. Daily workshops, public lectures and street activities will take place all week in and around Sainte-Catherine Street and Complex Desjardins.

Five days of events, one-day ban on cars"

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Mayoral candidate advocates free public transit

Mayoral candidate unveils platform | London | News | London Free Press: "Cynthia Etheridge, who a distant third in the 2006 race, is running again and has unveiled the main planks of her campaign platform, including several radical ideas.

Calling it a “new vision for our Forest City,” Etheridge pledges the following:
  • An end to debt-servicing, with the city budget using only the funds available to “prevent over-spending and shortfalls that currently plague our system.”
  • Making all London Transit rides totally free. That, she says, will increase ridership and lower single-occupant traffic.
  • A developed and beautified waterfront is an “unrealized gem of London” that she’d like to to make “one of London’s premier attraction.”
  • Improve city relationships with its departments and commissions
  • Institute a four-day work week that would allow “more leisure time (that) promotes friendships and stronger family ties.”"

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Your City, My City

Your City, My City: "In the future, if we rely too heavily on private automobiles for the majority of our travel needs, studies and transportation models predict our communities will become choked by traffic and quality of life eroded by the associated negative environmental and social impacts."

Monday, September 13, 2010

Online Party of Canada supports Free Public Transit

OPC members in majority currently support Free Public Transit.

Do you agree? Join OPC today and Have Your Say!

The international movement for Free Public Transit has gained momentum in recent years. It is based on a simple idea: if the transit service were free of charge, people would be very much inclined to leave their cars at home, saving their cash and reducing their impact on the environment. This move would benefit the lower-income level of the society. The rich and powerful would also benefit from a reduced number of cars on the highways - faster rides for their limos.

Online Party of Canada has posted an Issue on the website and the majority of members currently support Free Public Transit throughout Canada:

** Online Party of Canada is a new, innovative political movement that brings the political dialogue online, with real-time voting and comments on every issue. Unlike traditional political parties, OPC does not propel individuals into public offices, it collects public opinions and mandates its representatives to support the position voted by the majority of its members. This is the essence of a democratic system. Wireservice.CA

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Urban Space Dominated by Cars is Not Good for Ordinary People | Mostly Water

Urban Space Dominated by Cars is Not Good for Ordinary People | Mostly Water: "When the automobile is used as the primary mode of mass transit, the poorest are hardest hit. In 2008, for instance, the poorest fifth of Americans spent 13 per cent of their income on gas. The top fifth spent 3 per cent. In Highway Robbery: Transportation, Racism and New Routes to Equity, Robert Bullard notes: 'Those earning less than $ 14,000 per year, after taxes, spend approximately 40 per cent of their take-home pay on transportation expenditures. This compares to 22 per cent for families earning between $27,177 and $44,461 annually, and 13 per cent per year for families making more than $71,900 per year.'"