Wednesday, August 28, 2013

En Ville Sans Voiture - 20-Septempter - #freetransit

CJAD Local News: "The AMT organizes En Ville Sans Ma Voiture every year to encourage Montrealers to take public transit.

This year the Quebec Ministry of Transport will be giving away 75 000 two-way transit passes on September 20th.  They'll also be a series of free activities in Victoria Square including a concert from Louis-Jean Cormier, street chalk-drawing workshops with artist Rodsworth and electric bike testing.

For more information about road closures, parking access and free events on September 20, 2013 visit:"

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Thursday, August 1, 2013

An Indigenous Way of Life Threatened by Oil Sands in Canada

Crosses mark highway death near Tarsands "When I graduated from school in 2008 I was hearing a lot about the oil sands in Canada. So I started doing research, and the more I learned, the more horrified I became."