Tuesday, May 26, 2009

First, they ignore you...

Sudir - ... a person travelling in public transport is doing public good, thus he should be given preference. He should be allowed to ride comfortably while the city pays for his ticket. So yes, I think it’s a valid reason. Public transport should be free and comfortable.
Bert – The idea may not look exciting at the start and some people may mock us for this. But I think this should be given serious thought. When we put all the facts and the environmentally good factors, all the pieces of puzzle would fit together. Remember Gandhi’s quote – “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win!!!! For now, hold your wallet and push yourself inside the train… Clean Air Initiative - Asia

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Stockholm, Sweden - Fare-free movement growing

  • Groups (Planka.nu, Friends of the Earth, The Swedish Society for Nature Conservation) began to work against planned city highways around Stockholm
  • The Swedish left party started to support the idea of free public transport
  • The newly formed climate alliance Klimataktion started to support the idea of free public transport
  • Free Public Transport Day was celebrated for the first time on 2008/03/01
  • The climate action group Klimax arranged ‘climate crashes’
  • Groups (Planka.nu, Friends of the Earth, the youth section of The Swedish Society for Nature Conservation) arranged an anti-highway weekend
  • Groups (Planka.nu, Klimax) organized a lot of actions against the car lobby during Almedalsveckan (an annual meetup of politicians and lobbyists)
  • Planka.nu participated in the European Social Forum in Malmo and hosted a well-attended “Building a public transport network” meeting
  • The concept of an international network for free public transport was conceived
  • A report called “Travel doesn’t have to cost the earth” was released (5 concrete measures to make Stockholm’s transport sector climate-smart and socially just)
  • Planka.nu successfully engaged in a political action to oppose proposed “stop the free-riding” barriers Read more...FMBS

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Cars waste your money

But the bottom line is household economics. American families who are car-dependent spend 25 percent of their household income on their fleet of cars, compared with just 9 percent for transportation for those who live in walkable urban places. That potential 16 percent[age points] savings could go into improved housing (building household wealth), educating children or that most un-American of all activities, saving. NYTimes