Friday, October 30, 2009

SK - Public transit should be free for all students

When the people of Saskatchewan take back the government of this province, by electing the NDP, it will be more important than ever to help students, and the environment. As such, the NDP should commit to subsidizing municipalities dollar-for-dollar for each student pass for public transportation. Students would then be able to get a transportation pass for zero dollars. This would have significant effects by decreasing traffic congestion, pollution, as well as student expenses. HumbleOpinion

1 comment:

  1. So why should students get everything for free? they choose to go to school- our government money already goes to running the schools/universities, and loans are provided by the government. Students get discounts already. but they should get it FREE?

    Well how about me? i'm a single mom working two jobs should I get transport for free? How about groceries can i get those for free? i'm sure the students will ask for them next