Thursday, November 19, 2009

London: Set the fares at Zero!

...All London ratepayers (through local taxes and transfers from the federal and provincial levels of government) should pay the full cost of public transit, whether they use it or not. That would create the meaningful disincentive that’s needed to get people out of cars and into buses.

In addition to the elimination of the costs that are associated with the procurement and maintenance of fare boxes, the production/sales & distribution/operating costs of the various forms of fares, the reduction of cars on our roads would have a HUGE positive impact on costs like assessing, creating, maintaining, widening, and extending roads. And what HUGE value should be attributed to the reduction that would take place in the amount of toxic emissions that are currently polluting our atmosphere? Especially if the LTC and the City would take a serious look at LRT (light rail transit)?... Greg Fowler, London, Ontario

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