Monday, March 22, 2010

Montreal paying people to stay put -- but there is a better way

...The mayor refused to predict how much the new measures would actually cut the steady annual stream of young families exiting Montreal.

Tremblay identified $12.9 million of fresh spending this year on a beefed-up subsidy program for new-home purchases, of which $8.3 million is coming from the provincial government and the other $4.6 million from city coffers:...

Read more in montrealgazette:
There is no guarantee that this plan will work. And that's a lot of money to gamble. It is open to attack as favoring one group over another.
We suggest that Montreal use the money to make public transport fare-free. That will improve life for all, free seniors from dependency, reduce parking problems, increase home and business values, reduce pollution, reduce congestion, attract tourists, reduce collisions and their medical costs, and on and on and on....

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