Monday, September 13, 2010

Online Party of Canada supports Free Public Transit

OPC members in majority currently support Free Public Transit.

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The international movement for Free Public Transit has gained momentum in recent years. It is based on a simple idea: if the transit service were free of charge, people would be very much inclined to leave their cars at home, saving their cash and reducing their impact on the environment. This move would benefit the lower-income level of the society. The rich and powerful would also benefit from a reduced number of cars on the highways - faster rides for their limos.

Online Party of Canada has posted an Issue on the website and the majority of members currently support Free Public Transit throughout Canada:

** Online Party of Canada is a new, innovative political movement that brings the political dialogue online, with real-time voting and comments on every issue. Unlike traditional political parties, OPC does not propel individuals into public offices, it collects public opinions and mandates its representatives to support the position voted by the majority of its members. This is the essence of a democratic system. Wireservice.CA

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