Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Another Free Transit Advocate running for office - Ken Wood [Toronto]

* BUILD TRANSIT CITY: time is short, no more debates This is a starting point.
* FREE PUBLIC TRANSIT. We need vision now for this to be a reality in 25 years,
* ESSENTIAL SERVICE is what Public Transit (TTC) should be. PUBLIC not private control.
* TTC Chair should be a separate, elected position requiring skills and experience going into the job, similar to how the USA elects judges and sheriffs. Reports to Mayor and City Council.
* BUILD SUBWAYS - a few kilometers a year, every year. 25 year ongoing planning.
* FAIR FUNDING: 20% City, 40% Provincial, 40% Federal. NO USER FEES. Makes environmental winners of us all. Lets get serious about our values and the future of our children.
Ken Wood

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