Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Seniors should not be prisoners in their homes

CARP - A New Vision of Aging for Canada - Advocacy, Benefits, Community & Zoomer.: "Summary: “This enactment allows the Minister of Finance to make direct payments to a trust established to help provinces, territories and municipalities to offer seniors free local public transit, anywhere in Canada, during off-peak hours.” Status: First Reading, March 3, 2010, Placed on the Order of Precedence October 5, 2010
Sponsored By: Marcel Proulx, Hull--Aylmer, Quebec, Liberal Party of Canada"

There are a number of reasons that motivated me to put forward a bill to offer free public transportation during off-­‐peak hours, including:

to encourage seniors to lead active social lives and to escape the isolation in which too many of them live;

to promote transportation, which is often a problem for many seniors aged 65 and more;

to encourage the use of public transit, which is often the only method of transportation available to many seniors.
Marcel Proulx (PDF)

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