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Just ahead of the City of Toronto elections, the Online Party of Canada presents a reforms package aimed to improve City Transportation. The current Mayoral candidates have no new ideas.
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The City needs new ideas to ease the traffic congestion.

1. Free Public Transit
- people would be tempted to leave their cars at home and take public transportation
- it speeds up the boarding process, helping the vehicles move faster and improving overall traffic flow
- it saves the huge cost of producing, administering, enforcing fares, eliminates fraud
- more TTC employees become available to actually perform transportation service as vehicle drivers instead of sitting in a fare booth, also more security guards and cleaners in the system
- roads become less busy as people change their driving habits
- environmental approach
- opportunity for vehicles manufacturers to create more jobs

Offset the Free Transit system cost by raising property taxes and applying Hotel Room tax. Everyone benefits from this, everyone should pay. (yes rich people, you benefit as well; your ride downtown will be faster with fewer cars on the road)

2. More Light Rail Transportation service
- streetcars, subway lines, electric busses, GO trains - we need more of them
- electric vehicles keep the air clean for all of us
- LRT systems are more efficient - moving more people faster and away from the main road routes
- City of Toronto has a huge rail line system currently used only for freight trains and GO trains at rush hour; send out more GO trains, perhaps only 1-2 cars in non rush-hour traffic. People would use more train service if the service was more frequent.
- Direct rail line to the Toronto International Airport - this is a MUST for a modern city!

3. Metered Street Parking No More
- eliminate timed street parking enforcement system. This is a complete waste of Human Resources - having those semi-police-officers walk the streets wearing thick sunglasses and punishing people for no good reason
- parking tickets are not benefiting anyone - the income generated for the City is offset by the personnel cost; all it does is to keep those semi-police-officers employed - let them drive busses instead.
- keep the parking enforcement as a pick-up private service only. if someone is disrespectful and parks their vehicle on the street during the night, during rush-hour or in places not designated as parking space, the pick-up trucks can take the vehicle away. that is fair. other than that - let us park wherever we find a good spot.

If you don't like the fact that it's harder to find a good parking spot, take Free Public Transportation (see above)

4. Traffic improvements
- increase the speed limit to decent figures.
Seriously, who drives 90 kmh on DVP (saw those 'Zero Tolerance' signs?) we should take a bunch of 65 year old drivers with a perfect driving record and cover the speedometer. Let them drive as fast as they consider 'safe' and that should be the speed limit for a particular stretch.
- no left turns on major roads - let drivers go around the block in 3 right turns.
- no turns in major intersections - no left turn and no right turn.
- eliminate the 'protected' neighbourhoods where only residents can drive between certain hours. what's going on there - do they own that road? We all pay the same City tax and we all have the same right to drive on City roads. Usually the 'Protected' areas are set around busy intersections where drivers try to find alternate routes to by-pass - and what's wrong with that?

5. Efficiency
- run smaller public transportation vehicles at night and during non rush-hour traffic. What's with the Blue Line waste - big empty busses driving across the City? Why can't we run 10-seater vans for that purpose?
- promote City hitchhiking and carpooling
- taxicab vehicles should observe emission standards - no new licenses for gas-guzzler cabs.

6. Long Term development plans
- more highways through the City - run Hwy 400 and Allen Road down to QEW, transform Jarvis / Mount Pleasant in a throughway road to Hwy 401
- much more subway lines - Eglinton, Sheppard, Steeles, Jane, Dufferin, Don Mills.
- GTA links via LRT lines.